Digital Lending Platform


Our pre built digital lending platform for Banks/Fintechs can help you in instant onboarding of customer. We analyse customer demographic data, bank transaction data and bureau data to derive credit score for every customer. This can help fintech in on spot sanctioning or rejecting of any loan application.

  • Application: On Spot Decisioning, Underwriting
  • Industry: Fintechs/Bank
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AI & ML Data Analysis Platform

Startup, Manufacturing, Insurance

Our platform is capable of extracting data from different systems, clean it and store it in datamarts and data lakes. We will build customised rule engine and machine learning algorithms on top of this data and give business heads/CXOs instant insights. This can help organisations in making better and faster decisions.

  • Application: Finding Insights and Deriving Strategy
  • Industry: Startup, Manufacturing, Insurance
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Insights.Genie: AI & ML Insights Bot

FMCG / /Pharma

Organisation can derive insights from there legacy data using our AI based insights bot. You can receive insights at your fingertips just by sending one voice/text command. This Insights.Genie can be used by sales and marketing people wherein data is required instantly to design sales and marketing strategy.

  • Application: Instant Insights at your fingertips
  • Industry: FMCG/Pharma
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Mail.Genie: E-mail Bot

FMCG/Pharma, Start-up

Lot of reports are generated by organisations on weekly and monthly basis. Business heads are dependent on MIS team to send these reports and most of times these reports are not delivered on time. Our Mail.Genie bot can solve this problem, you just need to send one email and you will receive required reports in your mail box within seconds.

  • Application: Insights in your mailbox
  • Industry: FMCG/Pharma, Start-up
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Reportica.AI Visualisation

FMCG/Pharma, Start-up, Manufacturing

Every business generates lot of reports for different department and these reports reside in silos on particular system of employee. We will build centralised repository of all reports and all these reports can be visualised using our custom-built visualization platform. Reportica.AI will help you in finding insights from data using visual dashboards.

  • Application: Visualisation of Reports and Data
  • Industry: FMCG/Pharma, Start-up, Manufacturing
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Reportica.AI Alerts

FMCG/Pharma, Fintechs/Bank

This ML platform can help businesses to set custom alerts if there is drop of sales, performance or if there is any suspicious activity or transaction. Reportica.AI will send alerts to business users and this will help in taking corrective actions and mitigating risks.

  • Application: Fraud Transaction Alert, Suspicious Activity Alert
  • Industry: FMCG/Pharma, Fintechs/Bank
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Credit Limit Machine Learning Model


Credit Limit Machine Learning Model can help Fintech/Banks in predicting minimum and maximum loan amount to be sanctioned. We have built this Machine learning model using more than 100 variables. Key variables used to predict credit limit of customers are Customer Average Bank Balance, Past banking transaction, past credit sanctions, past payment of EMIs and credit score.

  • Application: Credit Limit Prediction, Loan Sanction Amount
  • Industry: Fintechs/Bank
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Early Warning Predictor

FMCG/Pharma, Fintechs/Bank

Banks and Fintechs can predict customers which are likely to default in next 3 months. We use more than 300 variables extracted from bureau report and compare it with bureau scrub data. Machine learning model on backend will analyse data and predict outcome. This prediction can be based on business rules. Businesses can define there own rules for predicting customers likely to default.

  • Application: Prediction of customer default
  • Industry: FMCG/Pharma, Fintechs/Bank
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Cross Sell Models

Fintechs/Bank, Insurance

Our Cross-sell models can help Fintechs and Banks in selling more products and services to its existing customers. We have built proprietary algorithm which analyses customer past transaction data and bureau data to predict next best product or services to be sold to customer.

  • Application: Cross Selling Products and Services, Next Best Product
  • Industry: Fintechs/Bank, Insurance
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NCR, Incident and Audit Reporting ML Platform


Non conformity, Incident and Audit reporting in most of organizations is done manually, this involves lot of paper work and makes it tedious. We have pre-built centralized machine learning platform which can help you in reporting these reports and tracking it digitally.

  • Application: Digital Reporting of NCR, Incident, Audit and Other reports
  • Industry: Manufacturing
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Object Detection and Data Extraction

Fintechs/Bank, Start-up

Most of organisations want to extract data from different documents and KYC documents, this involves manual entry of data into excel sheets. We have built Deep learning and Neural Network models to extract data from any document and store it digitally, be it KYC documents or any other pdf documents

  • Application: Face Detection, OCR, Data Extraction
  • Industry: Fintechs/Bank, Start-up
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